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What are your peers saying about us?

Ana Kalias at South Miami Dental Associates

"Bitebank Media has really helped us with patient engagement including the use of newsletters and social media in conjunction with our website. Their team has a really deep understanding of what it takes to compete in the competitive Miami marketplace."

Brent Patterson DDS
League City, TX and Texas City TX, USA

"The support team at Bitebank has become an integral part of my practices' marketing team."

Dr. Stephen Tigani
Washington, DC & Poolesville, MD, USA

"Bitebank is an amazing company. From start to finish, they are a thorough and professional organization. The individuals that I worked with were polite, courteous, attentive and professional. I have had my website for a little over one and a half years and I still get compliments from patients and colleagues. I would highly recommend this company and over the past year and a half I have numerous times!"

Dr. Yash Sheth
Landsdale, Western Australia, Australia

"Bitebank Websites have done a great job building my Classic Dental website (www.classicdental.com.au) and I am thoroughly impressed by my experience with Bitebank Websites. The website doesn't only look good but is really easy for our team to maintain and update and the staff (Jennifer & Marcos) at Bitebank are always ready to help...I would like to thank the staff at Bitebank websites for the good service support and am excited to work with them moving forward."

The Entire Team at Hanapole Dental Care LLC

"We are thoroughly impressed by our experience with Bitebank Websites. We never thought we would be able to accomplish something so polished on our own. With the templates and information provided and the support and direction of our account manager it was a very enjoyable experience. We feel empowered going forward and being able to make changes on our own."

Trevor Laingchild RDT AAACD
Yorkville/Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"It became time for us to renew our website and with that process came the concerns of time needed and costs involved. With BiteBank the process surprised me with its ease of selection, application and their dedication to detail. Their ability to showcase our new branding was exceptional"

Dr. Eric Kaleka D.M.D.
Inglewood, California, USA

"BiteBank is exactly what I have been searching for in helping design and manage my website. It has been a long journey but I have finally found a great ...company that gives me a perfect amount of control and support for my website. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with in designing the site and I could not be happier with the final result. Moving forward I have all the control to add, delete, or change content including photo and video. Their dashboard is so intuitive that making changes are very easy and efficient. The support is always there if I have any question or need any help. This is the most professional website company I have come across in a long time and am excited to work with them moving forward."

Dr. Gord Morris
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

"Bitebank Media has been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish! I was impressed with the wonderful variety of templates that they offer and the ease of customizing and tailoring the website to my individual needs. Their customer service clearly stands out from the rest of the companies that I was considering for our website design and hosting - I was especially impressed by their patience and prompt replies to any question, no matter how trivial. I really like the fact that I have control over the contents of the website, but at the same time have the support of a skilled team when I need help. It gives me peace of mind to know that my website is in good hands. Thank you!"

Dr. Shelina Jessa
Richmond Hill, Ontario

"I have been a client of BiteBank Media since May 2010. After thoroughly reviewing four different website companies I chose BiteBank Websites. Their customer support is tremendous and helped me every step of the way in making sure that my custom website was exactly what I wanted. They were always available and accommodated my schedule. Furthermore, they continue to take care of any questions or concerns I may have regarding my website. If you do not have a website, I highly recommend BiteBank Design to help you develop one."

Dr. Jo-Anne Matheson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"I decided that I had waited long enough to purchase a website for my practice. The very first thing that struck me about BiteBank Websites was their open and honest approach to pricing. Everything is right there on the website. No 'hide the pricing, call us first' up-sell tactics like some of the other companies that were marketing to medical professionals. BiteBank is focused on dentists, providing a unique solution that was quick to setup, easy to use, and very professional. Well done BiteBank!"

What are industry experts saying about us?

Dr. George Freedman
Dentist, Author and International lecturer in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and dental technology

"My experience with Bitebank Media has been flawless. Their process to develop and launch our website was rapid, efficient, and professional.

It is a pleasure to work with Bitebank, and our entire office is very pleased with the end result.

Their patient education movies are excellent teaching tools that explain complex treatment plans to my patients. The best that I have seen. Thank you Bitebank!"

Dr. Andrew Meikle
Dr. Andrew Meikle
Co-CEO of Dental Corporation

"My dental practices required an elegant, cost effective solution that would provide unique dental websites and system support and BiteBank fulfilled that mandate...and more! Their excellent graphics department was able to consider the individual nature of all our practices and provide professional custom designs and logos to everyone's satisfaction. The content management system is absolutely first rate. We can leverage content across all sites or give each practice full control over their messaging and communications. I highly recommend this company!

Lisa Philp
President of Transitions Group
North America

"When it came time for our company to implement and launch our new website, we researched the marketplace to find a website provider that not only understood our needs, but was aligned with our philosophy to make the process simple and fun. The team at BiteBank Websites has fit all of our criteria. They were exceptional in delivering focused and dedicated services in a most enthusiastic manner. From their excellent price points, ease of use of their cutting-edge technology, to the quick turnaround time for customization of our website...this is a very proficient company! We are extremely happy with our website and recommend them to all dentists as part of their practice marketing objectives.

Anita Jupp
Practice Management Guru | author of "Embracing Change in Dentistry"

"In seeking the most cost effective and relevant method's to promote dental practices, I have always been a strong advocate of having an office website. In my opinion, no website company offers more service and support to dentists than BiteBank Websites."

"Brilliant Layouts, fabulous designs, and a courteous, professional customer support staff that are there to help you enhance your online presence. Whether you want a custom site or Online Marketing support, BiteBank Websites has been proven to be the best company for dentists!"

Rita Bauer
International Speaker & Photographer

"Thank you BiteBank! If I had known it could be this easy to have a website, I would have done it 10 years ago. I always knew how important a web presence was to any business or for sharing information, but the high cost of getting started, the ongoing maintenance and update fees, and the time that it would take to get online always held me back.

I was thrilled to find a company like BiteBank Websites that had my site up and online so quickly, so cost effectively and above all, they made every step of the process so simple. Their selection of designs and the ability to customize them with my own material made it easy to find the "look" to represent me and my services for dental/medical photography training.

Dr. Michael Shramban
TS Dental, Thornhill Ontario

"Switching to Bitebank has been the best marketing decision I have made to date. The team at Bitebank has provided my dental clinics with a full service, turn key solution for my website and online marketing. After having done thorough research about other website design companies and online marketing consultants, Bitebank's was easily the most attractive in terms of support and price. And after months of being a customer, I can report that they have lived up to my high expectations and delivered fantastic results. There aren't any weak links on the Bitebank team. I am very happy with my decision to partner up with them and highly recommend their services."

Dr. Julie Boudreault
Milltown Dental, Milton Ontario

"BiteBank is exactly what I've been looking for. From the unique concept that allows our office to modify the website ad lib and without any help or need for computer knowledge to the absolute personalized, prompt and professional service they offer their customers, I could not have found better! Businesses change and evolve rapidly, offering new services, promotions and updated information every day. The flexibility to manipulate your own website content without having to rely on a tierce person, wait for their availability and expect a new invoice each time is literally priceless. Thank you for offering "simplicity"...it's a breath of fresh air in our already busy (sometimes overwhelmingly chaotic) corporate lives!"

What are your reps saying about us?

See what our affiliate reps are saying about our product and service.
No surprises here, our amazing customer service is included in every plan. We'll do the work for you so you get noticed!
Patterson Dental
Dennis Black
Industry Sales Representative

"After being in the dental business for over 50 years I feel that my customers are some what like family, so I am very protective of their exposure to a lot of new ideas. BiteBank to me has been a fresh and very helpful additive to their practice. On a return call they appreciated me introducing them to BiteBank. Thank you BiteBank"

Henry Schein
Peter D. Jugoon
Vice President | Marketing & Planning

"With the shift in dental office marketing that has taken place over the past several years, it has been our objective to partner with a company that can offer innovative web marketing solutions that meet the needs of our clients here at Henry Schein. BiteBank Websites provides a great solution for dentists looking to create a presence for their practice on the web. We've invested time and resources into researching all available solutions for dentists and are excited to have partnered with them. We believe Bitebank Websites offers the best solution today for providing control, content and customization at an excellent price!"

Patterson Dental
Simon Archer
Industry Sales Representative

"In the time I have worked with BiteBank Websites, I have found them to be very professional and customer service oriented. They make themselves available to my clients and follow-through with what is promised. The product is incredibly unique and the set-up process quite simple. My clients have commented on how user-friendly the application is, and how their new website has enhanced their practice. I was happy to provide a solution to the overpriced third party programming companies, while offering my clients an excellent product!"

Henry Schein
David Marks
Director of Marketing | Dental Merchandising

"Our organization prides itself in operating with the objective of providing the best in technology, tools and innovation to our sales teams and our customers. BiteBank Websites has developed a product that is not only technologically advanced and innovative... but timely! The dental marketplace is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly more competitive. As a result, demand for a practical, easy to use, effective marketing solution is growing. Patients are becoming increasingly more diligent in researching not only the treatment options and patient care, but they also want to see the practice, your staff, and most importantly the dentist. With the decrease in YellowPages™ production & circulation, an online marketing solution is a necessity and has become a mandatory resource in allowing new patients the ability to find you... as well as providing a knowledge resource for treatment options to support their education."

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